Our dignified clients, 

                It's my pleasure, with the launching of our website, and on behalf of the staff of GTS, to introduce myself to you as the general manager of GTS (German Technical Services Est.). I welcome you and thank you for your confidence of our company, hoping that we will be always able to satisfy your needs and achieve your ambitions.  

I'm delighted to be leading and managing this company according to the principles of sustainability in order to make quality and environmental compatibility a standard in all working and business processes.

                Our team communicates at all levels and in all business processes, among itself and with customers and suppliers, the public, etc. We seek for diversity in design, initiating new unprecedented ideas, identifying the client taste and put it in actual practice.

When assuming management functions for our customers, we are particularly careful to adhere to the philosophy of our company - "tough with the material issues, socially fair with employees".

                Our goal is always the same - to deliver the greatest possible value to our customers. So, come let us unlock the potential of a synergy between your needs and our potential.



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      General Manager                     

 Iyad Al-Chabi                        

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