Mission Statement

GTS is a dynamic enterprise which consistently creates new dimensions within the mechanical and electrical construction industry. This is achieved via forward observation and planning for the future which leads to advanced technology within the industry. As a company, we consistently strive to achieve the highest quality of technological advances and production techniques for the mutual benefit of our valued customers and suppliers.

Our Value Statement

GTS is a family owned, team based company whose foundation is built on integrity and honesty. The stability and productivity of a company should never depend on one person at the top; they are the result of many individual people in the whole company, who have their own competencies and supplement and increase their competencies through cooperation in a team.


The Company's Vision

The Brand

The GTS brand name and image is renowned worldwide for its authority and competence in the mechanical and electrical construction field.

The Authority

GTS has a high innovation potential and with its unique technology and decades of experience it is openly pro-active to all developments

The Organization

GTS creates worldwide stable and constant dimensions.
GTS is orientated around human being abilities as an enterprise.
GTS operates on a basis of sound economic criteria and within a basic ecological and environmental awareness.
GTS has a healthy and financially strong structure.