AirDuct Cleaning

 After a long experience in the field of air conditioning, GTS has discovered that after installing or replacing air ducts, dust, sediments, and sometimes serious mold inside these ducts are being built up and then spread into the air of the interior of the house. According to global studies, these are causes of allergies, asthma, itching of the eyes, a lack of oxygen and physical tiredness and fatigue.
To get rid of these harmful components we have added a special AIR DUCT CLEANING service on top of the regular maintenance work such as cleaning the air conditioning units, and changing air filters.


We all know that bacteria are everywhere, so what is the solution if it is found in a difficult place to reach? For the dirt to be cleaned and removed?
Therefore, we have endeavored for client happiness, satisfaction and safety; by improving their indoor air quality.


 If all of these damages fully removed we will get a cleaner and healthier air inside facilities.
These damages reduce AC system's ability to cool and cause overworking your system, increasing energy costs and reducing the life-cycle of equipment.




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