Related tasks:


1. Design work.


Designing all air-conditioning and ventilation systems for private and public buildings, commercial and residential


Designing AC systems for hospitals, hotels, factories, and power plants, according to international standards and specifications, using latest versions of design software and computer programs that lead in design and implementation.


2. Manufacturing ducts in our own establishment factory, in accordance with international specifications through a specialist technical staff using new machines and tools.


3. Installation and execution work


Duct installation


Installation of different types of AC units, (chillers, packages, split units …)


Fan coils and exhaust fan installation


4. Testing and operational work: This team runs tests for all HVAC systems using latest tools, and then issues a report about the quality of the system. Finally a special technical team operates and calibrates all installed AC systems.


5. Maintenance work: A special technical team starts the maintenance programs. After the installation the team services all AC systems.