Related tasks:

1. Design work:

designing all sanitary systems including feeder systems, sanitary drainage, pumps plants, purification plants and central gas networks for private and public buildings, commercial and residential.

designing such systems for hospitals, hotels, factories, and power plants, according to international standards and specifications, using latest versions of design software and computer programs that lead to ingenuity in design and implementation.

2. Installation and execution work

Installation of central cold water and hot water networks

Installation of central networks for sanitary and rain drainage

Supply and installation of gas tanks and networks for commercial, industrial and residential buildings

Installation of medical gas systems (Oxygen, Nitrogen, compressed air and evacuation networks)

Supply and installation of swimming pools, Sauna and Jacuzzi

Supply and installation of submersible pumps, water raising and compressing pumps, and all their control systems

3. Testing and operational work: This team runs tests for all system networks using latest tools, and then issues a report about the quality of the system. Finally a special technical team operates and calibrates all installed networks.

4. Maintenance work

A special technical team starts the maintenance programs and after-installation services for all sanitary systems.

applying periodical maintenance and after sale services to achieve customers’ satisfaction


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